2024 creative series from vision makers pdx

A Photography Project Like No Other

Do you have a tattoo that has a meaningful story behind it? Is it time to share that story? – Have your story, and tattoo, showcased in our upcoming book!

How This All Works

Your journey has three phases:

Give Us Permission

Your journey starts by simply registering your interest in our project. Click on the link below to fill out the form. We will then email you to verify permission (and your email). Once verified, you will automatically receive a second email with further instructions.

Tell Us Your Story

Simply reply to the automated email and tell us your tattoo story and why it holds significance for you. We’re interested in the meaning behind your tattoo and its importance to you.
We will notify you of our decision in a couple of days and if you have been selected to be part of this project.

Register For Your Photoshoot

Once selected, you will receive official notification via email. Follow the instructions to register for your photoshoot. Choose a date and time that suits you and your schedule.